Million Dollar Muscle

doug-brignole-bookDoug Brignole and Adrian Tan, PhD wrote Million Dollar Muscle: A Historical and Sociological Perspective of the Fitness Industry with the sociology student in mind. Professor Tan teaches at the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences at Southern Methodist University.

As the subtitle states, it’s a historical and sociological view of the industry.  However, even though its primary target audience is university students majoring in sociology and/or psychology, it’s a compelling read for anyone who wants an insider’s look at the industry, the people who are in it, and their motivations.

Today, the fitness industry generates over $85 billion per year, including health club memberships, home exercise products, nutrition products and “diet” foods.  Yet, despite the enormous revenues, Americans have never been in worse shape.  Some 60% of Americans are “overweight”, with 30% classified as “clinically obese.”   In this book, Doug and Adrian begin to explore the possible reasons for this dichotomy.

This book is available in paperback on Amazon, and in both print and digital editions from Cognella Academic Publishing. The publisher’s website offers a free “sneak peek” excerpt of the first chapter.