million-dollar-muscleBenjamin Franklin once wrote, “…either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”  Doug Brignole has done both.

After nearly four decades exploring the many facets of the fitness field, including winning numerous bodybuilding championships, it’s safe to say he has done something (about which is) worth writing. Now, he writes about the things he’s learned.

Doug combines three valuable ingredients in his writing of articles and books: expertise of the subject, sound logic and excellent communication skills. Whether he is writing a magazine article, a blog post, a speech, or a book, Doug first lays out a topic, and then pulls back the curtain to reveal its inner workings.

Widely regarded as a fitness expert, Doug’s lifetime focus has been on the science of exercise, nutrition, and the mechanics of the body. His topics, therefore, are usually in these areas. However, he occasionally writes about topics related to fitness, like motivation, lifestyle management, and the ability to view things logically and reasonably. Regardless of the topic, Doug is always clear, sensible and practical.

He currently writes articles for Iron Man Magazine (print version and online blog), RxMuscle online, Labrada Nutrition, MD Latino (Muscular Development, in Spanish), and Builders & Lifters.

Socrates wrote, “Employ your time in improving yourself by the writings of others, so that you shall come easily, by what others have labored hard for.” Doug has spent nearly forty years, laboring in the field of fitness—and now he is offering his acumen in the form of writing, so that readers can come easily by that for which he has labored so hard.