doug-brignole-speakerBill Gates once said, “What I do best is share my enthusiasm.”  The same is true for Doug Brignole.

He began exercising with near-religious fervor at the age of 14 and remains wholeheartedly devoted to fitness to this day. “Enthusiasm” would be an understatement.

Doug began competing in bodybuilding at 16, and won state and national championships by the time he was 19. At 24, he opened his own gym in Pasadena, California, and he has personally helped hundreds of people—including those with handicaps—improve their health and physical fitness.

He continues to compete in bodybuilding, write about exericse, speak to a variety of audiences, and generally serve as an ambassador of fitness, healthy living, and goal achievement. During his  seminars on biomechanics, he helps audience members understand “the physics of fitness”—which is the title of his next book.

Doug is also a motivational speaker. Depending on the occasion and the audience, he provides facts and figures, science, logic and personal stories. Sometimes he tells other people’s success stories—people who have pushed ahead despite incredible odds, or seemingly insurmountable handicaps. His “Overcoming the Odds” speech leaves people excited about making their lives better, as they wipe tears from their eyes.

Doug is himself a something of Horatio Alger story. He and his brother were abandoned by their father, and raised by Chilean mother who spoke little English and worked as a housekeeper to provide housing, food, clothing and education to her boys. Yet, despite the economic disadvantages, Doug grew up to be an international bodybuilding champion, an entrepreneur, an author and a public speaker.

For information about his speaking availability and fees, email Doug directly.