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doug-training-clientThe world of fitness can be very confusing for the typical consumer. Not only is the body amazingly complex, but marketers of products and methods spread falsehoods, half-truths and misguided theories in order to make a sale. People don’t know what to believe and often move from one trend to another without seeing much, if any, progress toward their goals.

Doug cuts through the confusion, educating clients about what is achievable—and what is not—and how to get there. With 40+ years of experience, he has seen it all—and lived it too. Exercise programs are not “one size fits all.” The circumstances and goals of each individual client dictate what the best fitness program is for that person. Only someone with Doug’s experience and knowledge can determine how to best match your circumstances, current condition and goals with the appropriate diet and exercise program.

Doug has helped hundreds of clients achieve weight loss, build muscle, improve their performance in various sports, rehabilitate injuries, and optimize their health. He has worked with clients as young as 16 and as old as 91, male and female, and with a variety of conditions. His clients have included adults with  polio, Parkinson’s Disease, amputations and paralysis. He was also the head coach of the Pasadena Special Olympics weight lifters for seven years (1988 – 1995).

Doug trains clients Monday thru Saturday, from 7 am until 6 pm. His rate is $100 per hour. Sessions occur either at Bolder Fitness, (MAP), or the client’s home (within five miles of west Los Angeles). Use the form below to get more information or to request an appointment—or just email Doug.

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