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What Motivates YOU, and Why?

Without motivation, we would get nowhere. The achievement of goals requires focus, dedication and hard work. Yet, without having that “fire in the belly”, it’s impossible to focus, to be dedicated and to work hard. Something has to drive us, and that something is emotion.

Motivation is fueled by emotion. It comes from wanting to prove something, the need to stand out, the fear of being perceived as “ordinary”. It comes from the desire to be respected and admired – to rise above. Sometimes it comes from anger. Some of the best motivation has come to those who felt shunned or ridiculed when they were growing up, and the anger associated with that. Were it not for the avoidance of negative feelings, or the need to feel validated, or to feel fulfilled, it would be difficult to find motivation.

This fact is both good, and bad. It’s usually good to succeed, of course. However, it’s better to succeed at something constructive, rather than destructive. For example, many people have been motivated to commit an act of violence, based on some of the emotions mentioned above. The same focus that works in the achievement of respectable goals, also works in despicable goals. The obsession that drives a person toward on Olympic gold medal or a Mr. America trophy, can also drive a person toward revenge or murder.

But the difference between “good goals” and “bad goals” is not always so dramatically clear. A person can have a goal that doesn’t hurt anyone and is perfectly legal, but is of questionable value. In fact, there a number of “weird” competitions, to which many people dedicate themselves. These include “Air Guitar Championship”, “Toe Wrestling”, “Cherry Pit Spitting”, “Ostrich Racing” (ridden like a horse), “Beer Sculling” (guzzling), “Hot Dog Eating”, “Pie Eating”, the “Mud Olympics”, and the “World Sauna Championship”. The list goes on and on. Continue Reading

It’s curtains for me…

Don’t let the headline scare you. It’s not the end, but the beginning of a great partnership. Softline Home Fashions has asked me to be the spokesman for Simple Drape, an easy-to-use product that can be hung over windows without any tools. It blocks out 99.9 percent of the morning sun to improve after-sunrise sleep. The Simple Drape… Continue Reading