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The Physics of Fitness: The Analysis and Application of Biomechanical Principles in Resistance Exercise by Doug Brignole is the culmination of 40 years of competitive bodybuilding and personal training sessions combined with intense research and study of how the human body moves.

Destined to change the way we work out—forever, The Physics of Fitness has received raves from the professionals who were invited to review an early draft.

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What experts are saying about this book

Here are a few excerpts from professionals in many fields. Read their complete endorsements here.

“…absolutely superb”

The Physics of Fitness is absolutely superb. Doug’s unique combination of biomechanics/physics knowledge and practical/competitive bodybuilding experience provides a perfect background/basis for his excellent advice on exercise selection and performance. Also, I have never read any author who is more proficient at illustrating complex concepts with clear/practical/sensible examples that the average reader can understand and apply.” —Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., Professor of Exercise Science

“…best book on the subject”

“This is the best book on the subject of resistance exercise I’ve ever seen.  In fact, I cannot imagine anyone being in the business of teaching resistance exercise, and NOT understanding the bio-mechanical principles which are presented in this book.”—Jeffrey Mackey, Ph.D., Astrophysics engineer, Professor of Physics, Consultant for NASA

“…an important contribution”

“Doug has done a good job of simplifying what is otherwise a very complex mechanical analysis, involving considerable math.  For the purpose of acquiring a basic understanding of how to maximize exercise efficiency and minimize injury risk, I believe The Physics of Fitness is an important contribution to the fitness industry.”—Jacob Rosen, PhD  (Physics / Mechanical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering)

“…a rational and systematic approach”

“In The Physics of Fitness, Doug Brignole uses a rational and systematic approach to answer the question: What are the most efficient movements for building muscle? Drawing from anatomy, physics, exercise science, and extensive experience, Brignole makes a compelling case that a specific set of basic movements should make up the bulk of a person’s physical culture practice, while dispelling a number of fitness industry myths in the process.” —Stephan J. Guyenet, Ph.D.  (Neurobiology)

“…makes good sense”

“Doug Brignole’s extensive knowledge of the human musculoskeletal system, as demonstrated in The Physics of Fitness, is very impressive. It makes good sense to exercise in ways that provide a muscle with the most load, while simultaneously reducing the stress on the bones and joints.” —Ronald Kvitne, M.D.  (Orthopedic Surgeon)

“…a remarkable job”

“In the many years in which I’ve been involved in weight lifting, power lifting and physical fitness, I’ve never read a more intelligent analysis of the biomechanics of resistance exercise, for the purpose of physique / muscular development, than The Physics of Fitness.  Doug Brignole has done a remarkable job of explaining the elements that factor into this type of training.  This book will likely revolutionize the way ‘resistance exercise’ is taught from this point forward.” —Fred Hatfield, Ph.D.   (Sports Psychology)

“…based on an original, informed understanding”

“Doug Brignole’s The Physics of Fitness is a rare example of a work on exercise training that is not based on repetition of approaches using stock movements sanctioned by long traditional use. Rather, it is based on an original, informed understanding of the primary function of each muscle. This knowledge has then been used to generate productive resistance curves that maximize the benefit of each given exercise, while minimizing injuries that could result from unnecessary joint strain.” —Bob Eckhardt, PhD  (Paleoanthropology)

“…precise and easy-to-understand”

“In The Physics of Fitness, Doug Brignole has tackled this problem successfully by presenting, in a precise and easy-to-understand manner, how the musculoskeletal system works, and the role of physics during resistance exercise. The brilliance of this book is Doug’s ability to explain and illustrate to the reader how this knowledge can be utilized to get the best results, with the least wasted energy and the least risk of injury.” —David H. Le, M.D.  (Orthopedic Surgeon)

“…does a great job “

“In The Physics of Fitness, Doug Brignole does a great job of breaking down the physics of what determines the load on a muscle, thereby revealing that traditional exercise selections are often based more on bias than on science, or even logic.  This book reveals that there are far better ways of achieving one’s goal of muscular development – with less wasted effort and less abuse on the joints – than has been used traditionally.” —Adrian Tan, Ph.D.  (Sociology)

“…raises the bar in physical training”

“Doug not only raises the bar in physical training by his vast experience and expertise in biomechanics, he also raises awareness of the profound roles played by personal biases, historical beliefs, and societal values in our pursuit of athletic prowess and muscular development.  The synergy of Doug’s disciplined dedication to the art of bodybuilding, discernment of the science of exercise, and passionate commitment to education elevates the fitness community.” —Ellen Basian, Ph.D.  (Psychologist)

“…a wealth of knowledge “

“Doug´s theoretical and practical expertise has stood as a national and international reference in the field. This book contains a wealth of knowledge regarding proper training procedures and methodology as viewed from the perspective of a bodybuilding champion as well as a person of great maturity and wisdom.”
Guillermo A. Laich, M.D., Ph.D.

“This book is a must-read…”

“Doug Brignole brings together cutting edge exercise science and decades of experience as a world-class athlete in The Physics of Fitness. !As a former engineer and professional bodybuilder, I appreciate the solid foundation of exercise science combined with real world applications. The concepts presented are solid, and once mastered, will take your training to a new level. This book is a MUST-READ, if you’re serious about understanding the WHY’s and HOW’s of all the sets, reps and training that you do as an athlete!” — Lee Labrada, International Professional Bodybuilding Champion

“…how to best optimize efficient biomechanics”

“There are very few bodybuilders who have achieved the same degree of physique elegance and artistry as Doug Brignole, and there are probably very few scholars (non-bodybuilders) who have reached the level of knowledge related exercise mechanics, as Doug Brignole.  But Doug has achieved both.  The Physics of Fitness is the culmination of Doug’s 40+ years in the sport, passionately pursuing the ultimate in physical development, as well as the scientific knowledge of how to best optimize efficient biomechanics. —Samir Bannout   (1983 Mr. Olympia)

“…fills a gap”

The Physics of Fitness is a welcome addition to the fitness industry, which fills a gap that no other book has filled. I wish I had this information years ago. I would have avoided injuries and not wasted time on useless exercises. Great going, Doug!”—Richard Baldwin, Ph.D.